2009 NAR Expo Home Staging Survey

Boy, have times changed!

The NAR (National Association of Realtors) Expo in San Diego this year was a far cry from the boom years in 2005, 2006 and 2007. Both the number of attendees and the number of exhibitors are down from previous years and the harsh market conditions have shocked most Realtors into a far more realistic view of our industry.


There was lots of hope for those still standing this year:

* Sales of lower end homes are inching upward
* The extension of the tax credit is fueling some growth
* Home Staging is having a really positive impact on sales

We surveyed over 500 Realtors and brokers at the show this year to get some insight into Realtor attitudes towards home staging. We’ll be releasing our survey results in the upcoming weeks and here are some early insights:

* Over 95% of Realtors prefer to show homes that are staged
* The majority of Realtors say whole-house home staging (when every room is staged) knocks the time to sell in HALF
* The Majority of Realtors say that homes staged sell for 15-20% higher price than when vacant

The NAR Expo is an international show and there were lots of Canadian Realtors present. Canadian Realtors told us they use home staging at a much higher frequency than American Realtors. The feedback from Canadian visitors is that homes either don’t sell without staging or if they do they sell for far less and take much longer. Interestingly enough, they see it as their professional duty to make sure they push owners to use Home Staging because if they don’t the owner will have to steeply reduce the price and selling homes for higher prices is better business.


Thomas Scott


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