Monthly Archives: April 2010

Wall Street Journal: Creative Ways of Franchise Financing

Wall Street Journal Features Showhomes and its Innovative Internal Financing Solution by Julie Bennett, 3.25.2010 During the worst credit crunch in decades, franchise companies have been finding creative ways to open new units. While banks are expected to lend $6.7 Billion to US franchises this year, it would take $10.1 billion in lending to fully […]

Staging the Manor in Princeton

Carla Cheifetz, owner of Showhomes-Priceton, NJ, emailed me these photos of an amazing $3.9 Million mansion she recently staged. Showhomes is mostly known for using live-in home stagers but we occasionally do traditional staging with just furniture as we did  in this case. Take a look at her excellent work: This home, like many vacant […]

Selecting a Franchise: How well is the System Documented?

When you buy a franchise, you are really not buying a business. You are buying a system for operating a business. One of the most overlooked pieces of evaluating a franchise is how well the system is documented, how often is it updated and equally important, how accessible is the documentation. Why is this important? […]

5 Reasons Selling a Vacant House is a Mistake

A vacant house is like a vacant stare. Something is just not right. Trying to sell a vacant house adds obstacles and depresses the sales price, says Showhomes, a nationally franchised home staging company. Showhomes uses live-in home stagers to lower the cost of staging and produce faster home sales. Take a look at its […]

Opening a Franchise Cuts Risk in Recession

Home Staging Franchise Showhomes listed as best bet in down market by The The Great Recession has made some would-be entrepreneurs skittish about starting a business from scratch. For them, it may make sense to buy a business franchise. While franchises have taken a hit, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) forecasts that the number of franchises will […]