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Property Trax: Rise in vacant homes leads to more cases of ‘mansion squatters’

By KAREN RIVEDAL, Dec 23, 2010 As if the owners of mansions weren’t burdened enough. Now comes a report from Showhomes, a nationally franchised network of home stagers based in Tennessee, that the number of ne’er-do-wells shacking up in vacant mansions is on the rise. The increase is tied to the wave of temporarily vacant […]

Showhomes Home Staging Franchise in Toledo makes quick sell after staging

December is one of the slowest months for house real estate, but many people strive to sell their house before the New Year. Showhomes Toledo owner, Matt Pokorny, has another staging success story from a real estate market that has seen some of the toughest market conditions in the country: This $400k  house had been […]

Showhomes Home Staging Heats up Chicago’s Fox Valley Home Sales

December is one of the slowest months in home sales, but if you ask Michael Callahan, franchise owner of Showhomes Home Staging in the Fox Valley suburb of Chicago you may get a different answer. Why? Showhomes had four homes sell this month. What made the difference? Home staging. The four homes that sold were […]

Mansion Squatting Takes Root in Vacant Homes for Sale

Showhomes Home staging helps solve squatter problem for vacant homes As the number of vacant homes for sale in the U.S. spirals higher, so-called “mansion squatting” is on the rise, too, especially in large metro areas such as Chicago, Los Angeles and Seattle. Consider these recent incidents: A woman was arrested in Seattle for living in […]

Interview with Showhomes -Tampa franchisee Linda Saavedra

Linda Saavedra – Showhomes Tampa Linda Saavedra is a driven, determined professional – a self-described Type A personality who isn’t satisfied unless she’s at the top of her game, achieving the highest and the best. Before becoming a Showhomes franchisee, Saavedera owned a highly successful short-term vacation rental company in the Disney World area of […]