Monthly Archives: September 2011

Showhomes Home Staging Succeeds in Chicago Suburbs

In fact, the Remodeling Market Index shows the second quarter of 2011 as the second highest quarter of remodeling activity since 2007. Remodeling by itself isn’t enough to sell a home, though, and homes sell faster with Showhomes involved.

Despite Housing Market Doldrums, Showhomes Home Staging Grows at Record Pace

But there is good news emerging in this uncertain economic scenario, especially for homeowners trying to sell their homes and the Realtors who help them. We are thriving at Showhomes Home Staging. In fact, our growth is exploding.

Large Family Gets Organized as Showhomes Home Managers

The Palmers first thought Showhomes fees were ‘a misprint’ Brian and Melissa Palmer found out they had to move from Gainesville to Tampa, Florida while they were on a three-week family vacation in the summer of 2010. With only one week to make the move, they switched from vacation mode to warp speed ‘get out […]

Showhomes Home Manager Program an Innovative Option During Slow Economy

Jeannette and Michael Fair didn’t know what to do and didn’t have many options. A horrible economy mixed with an even worse housing market left them teetering on the edge of foreclosure.

Showhomes Home Manager Program Great Fit for a Single Man

Tom Seifert is living the dream. A single guy in an 8,000 square foot house, Tom is not only free of mortgage payments and house repairs but also is able to entertain female friends and family in his million dollar home – all while saving money.

Divorcees Save Money, Gain Stability While Living in High-end Homes

When Tony Hearn was going through a divorce he had to move quickly. He wanted an affordable place to live near his two children in the coastal community of Fairhope, Ala., but wasn’t sure he could pull it off.