A New Family Business in Philadelphia

Ally Piccolomini, has been tapping into her creative side since she was a child. In fact, Ally’s aunt, Monica Estes, recalled how the two entertained a mutual passion for all things imaginative and hands-on during their visits, making pillows, sewing curtains, designing a room.  “Ally was always there watching me at the sewing machine—it’s a passion that she’s had since childhood and I’ve been able to watch it develop,” said Estes.  Today, alongside her aunt, Piccolomini is turning her passion into her profession with the opening of the Showhomes franchise to serve the greater Philadelphia area.

 The duo comes to Showhomes with plenty of experience — Piccolomini studied interior design, home furnishings and marketing at High Point University, and worked for a small high-end furniture manufacturer in North Carolina, doing everything from customer service to PR. Estes brings financial know-how from her experience in real estate and corporate finance, as well as her experience with small business lending.  Showhomes focuses on several interior design services, most commonly including vacant home staging, residential redesign and home design, providing a creative perspective and a lucrative return for customers wishing to spruce up their space.  After opening at the beginning of March, the Piccolomini and Estes are already hard at work with their first client doing interior design work. The team looks forward to providing a valued and valuable service to the Philadelphia community. Furthermore, Piccolomini said Showhomes is more that just fluffing pillows or moving furniture.

Ally Intro PR

 “I’ve always been interested in interior design because I enjoy helping people find comfort and enjoyment in their lives,” she said. “The home is one of the most important spaces for many people because you live your life in it — it’s a reflection of yourself. Our goal is to help people enjoy that space.” 

How did you find out about the brand?

Ally was the one who stumbled upon Showhomes after doing some market research in the area. For the most part, most providers are individual businesses, but we didn’t want to build our business from the ground up. We wanted infrastructure and the ability to align with an existing brand so we could focus on the local creative work, and Showhomes was the clear choice to be able to meet that demand.


Why did you want to work with the brand?

There are a few competitors, but Showhomes has been in business longer. We also appreciated the business model, the competence of franchisor, the employees, representatives and support. In our opinion, the brand has the most credibility, which is what made it so appealing to work with.



Founded in 1986, Showhomes has helped Realtors® and homeowners sell more than 25,000 residential properties worth more than $8.5 billion, by transforming high-end vacant houses into fully-furnished, inviting, valued Showhomes. Currently serving prominent communities in 20 states, Showhomes is a rapidly expanding franchise system with 61 offices nationwide. Boasting the expertise of long-time real estate and interior design professionals, Showhomes is a one-stop-shop for home staging, home redesign, “One-Day Makeover’s” for currently occupied homes and its proprietary Home Manager program – a proven model to get upscale vacant homes off the market, faster. Every major national media outlet in the U.S. has praised the work of Showhomes, the company’s work has also been featured on Oprah, HGTV and the Travel Channel.  For more information or to learn about franchise opportunities, please visit www.showhomesfranchise.com.

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