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Living in luxury: Home managers happily pay rent to care for fabulous houses on the market

GREAT SITUATION Buzz Thomas has been a home manager for the past five years. He’s currently working with Showhomes Jacksonville.  One of the best things for him, Thomas said, is that he’s had an opportunity to live in some of the area’s most prestigious neighborhoods. He’s currently getting settled into his Queens Harbour home after […]

The Newest Staging Strategy: Live-In Home Staging

Showhomes Featured in Zillow Is the solution to selling a home quickly renting it out? Showhomes Home Staging in Tampa, FL isn’t your typical home staging company: one strategy they use to get homes off the market faster is enlisting a resident to live in and take care of the home while it’s on the market. […]

“Ghost Tenants” Live in Luxury Homes at Apartment Prices

  The Mueller Family lives together in a 4,800 square foot Tampa, Florida home, but they only pay $1,200 in rent every month. (Photo courtesy of the Mueller Family)   Bob and Dareda Mueller used to own a large, beautiful home on Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. “We were in a golfing community, we […]

Live-in managers a plus when selling luxury homes

Luxury homes that are vacant can be hard to sell. Plus, they are at greater risk for break-ins. Kelli Reed is a modern-day nomad. She lives in a for-sale six-bedroom, 5,000-square-foot luxury lakefront home that is decorated with her own furniture, paying a fraction of the typical rent. When the home gets a buyer, she’ll […]

Showhomes Featured on Marketplace

Humans make a house for sale feel more like home   (Eric Mennel/Marketplace) Cora Blinsman pays $1,100 a month on a $430,000 home. But she can be forced to move out at a moment’s notice. A home for sale in Newport Coast, occupied by real live people. About a year ago, Cora Blinsman’s mom passed […]

Showhomes Unique Model Featured on NPR

Temporary Tenants Give Luxury Homes A Lived-In Look Alan Shuminer lives on two acres of land in a house with a current list price of $3.3 million in Miami — and he only pays $2,600 a month. He is a home manager for Showhomes, a home staging company. Bernie Schupbach needed to sell his home […]

Fast Company Features Showhomes

To Sell Houses, People Are Used As Props In McMansions They Don’t Own A poignant story from the Tampa Bay Times follows one family that lost everything in the recession and has found a peculiar way to hold on to the trappings of wealth. It sounds like the plot of some long-lost dramatic version of Arrested Development, but […]

Fear running short of cash in retirement? What to do

Rodney Brooks, USA TODAY One of our biggest fears is that we haven’t saved enough for retirement.  It’s time to stop worrying about it and start doing something. The fact is, there are a growing number of options. The answer may not necessarily be working in your current job through retirement. Many of us don’t […]

Showhomes Named One of the Top 50 Low-Cost Franchise Opportunities

Franchise Provides Owners Lucrative ROI Potential with Low Start-Up as  Market Heats Up   NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Showhomes, the rapidly expanding home staging franchise system, continues to prove its success as the real estate market finds its footing. The brand was recently named one of the top 50 low-cost franchise opportunities in the U.S. by Franchise […]

The Today Show Features Showhomes!

‘Model families’ live like human props to help sell luxury homes The Mueller family once owned seven homes and a bed and breakfast. Today, they work minimum-wage jobs — but they’re still living large.  The family from Tampa, Florida, is part of a growing real estate trend in which people move into empty luxury homes […]