Leaving Corporate America for a “Dream Come True”

ivan-pokusaIvan Pokusa relocated to the US from the Czech Republic after moving to Spain during a time when his home country was being ruled by Communist leaders. Although he was armed with a Master’s degree in Industrial Technology, Ivan worked various low paying jobs while perfecting his grasp of the English language.  In 1992, Ivan got his first job in the corporate world as a senior engineer, and continued in various engineer-related roles at large US corporations for the next 20 years of his life. Most significantly, while working as the Director of Engineering at Telegen, Ivan was one of the pioneers of flat panels for flat screen TVs. 

 Ivan and his wife Silvie, who also originates from the Czech Republic, began flipping houses in 1995 as a side job. The couple educated themselves on investments and remodeling, and Silvie, who is a certified designer, was responsible for staging the homes.  With Showhomes, Silvie will be the primary stager while Ivan will be responsible for marketing  and business development as well asHome Manager placements . While the couple purchased the four-year-old territory in August 2013, they are still diligently working to land contracts and staging opportunities.

 How did you learn about Showhomes?

I was thinking about leaving corporate America, and my options were to either start a business from scratch or get into a franchise. A franchise was attractive because it was an established model. A friend sent me information about Showhomes, and then I got in touch with a franchise broker, who also presented Showhomes to me, so the concept was already in the back of our minds.

Why did you choose an opportunity with Showhomes?

The idea of Showhomes was like a dream come true but we were skeptical about the concept as a business idea; staging houses seemed like a hobby because we had only experienced staging our own houses. However, the more we investigated and spoke to other franchisees, the more the business appealed to us. Also, we had been thinking about moving out of California and liked Utah the most out of all the places that we considered relocating to. Coincidentally there was also a franchise available in the area.


Founded in 1986, Showhomes has helped Realtors® and homeowners sell more than 25,000 residential properties worth more than $8.5 billion, by transforming high-end vacant houses into fully-furnished, inviting, valued Showhomes. Currently serving prominent communities in 20 states, Showhomes is a rapidly expanding franchise system with 61 offices nationwide. Boasting the expertise of long-time real estate and interior design professionals, Showhomes is a one-stop-shop for home staging, home redesign, “One-Day Makeover’s” for currently occupied homes and its proprietary Home Manager program – a proven model to get upscale vacant homes off the market, faster. Every major national media outlet in the U.S. has praised the work of Showhomes, the company’s work has also been featured on Oprah, HGTV and the Travel Channel.  For more information or to learn about franchise opportunities, please visit www.showhomesfranchise.com.




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