Showhomes Home Staging in East Valley Sells first home of 2011

The spectacular $855,000 home in Las Sendas with breathtaking views, travertine floors and a pebbletec pool complete with a a waterfall was priced right and had every amenity possible. The home had a lot going for it; it was far less expensive than the one and two million dollar homes in the neighborhood and was brand new. Despite this, the home had over forty showings in three months without a single offer. Tons of interest and not a single nibble.

Before staging.

Before staging

The homeowner hired Showhomes Home Staging in the East Valley section of Pheonix to fully stage the home with one of its live in home stagers, believing that a the home’s vacant rooms might be the problem. Showhomes’ Janelle Joyce moved in an expert Home Manager and staged the entire home.

“The house had a few minor flaws, and the furniture was able to highlight the beautiful features, not the flaws,” says Janelle Joyce, who owns the Showhomes franchise.

The most difficult part of staging this house was finding the furniture to occupy all 6200 sq. ft. It took a lot of work moving the furniture in and unpacking the house, but they completely staged the entire house in only five days.

“Agents who showed the house before it was staged and after called and said what an amazing difference the staging made in the home,” said Joyce.

After staging.

After staging.

Within a short period, the home had an accepted offer that came within 1 percent of the list price. In foreclosure-torn Phoenix, currently one of the toughest real estate markets in the country, this is no small feat.

The Realtor of the house was thrilled about the sale. He was part of an investment group that has bought a number of high end homes, and they plan to stage more homes with Showhomes East Valley. The fact that the staging fees are paid at close makes it possible to stage more homes.

The Phoenix home is the first staged home Showhomes sold for 2011.

Great work, Janelle!

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