Stage Your Entryway to Sell Your Home

Here is a great blog on the importance of staging to capture the buyer right away:

“Ask a potential homebuyer what three rooms matter most in a property for sale, and you’ll likely be told the kitchen, living room, and master bedroom. The importance of making these three rooms feel fresh and inviting cannot be emphasized enough. Today however, I’d like to talk about another part of your home that make or break a sale – the entryway.

Sophie Allsopp, who worked as an estate agent and as a relocation agent in London before becoming a presenter for HGTV, says, “Most buyers decide if they want to buy a house within the first 90 seconds.” Take a minute and a half, or 90 seconds, to think about that. It’s not a lot of time, but it is enough time for buyers to assess how your home makes them feel, and if it seems properly cared for.

Staging your entryway communicates the feelings you want potential buyers to have as they walk through your home.

Quick bit of expert real estate advice: Decorating is about creating a home that fits your lifestyle. Staging is about getting potential buyers to see your home for sale as fitting the lifestyle they want to live.

It’s good to take a look at what other people are doing right. Here are the entryways  of two homes listed by Smith & Associates Real Estate agents:

porch-hyde-park-home-for-sale825 South Delaware Avenue, Tampa

The Wall Street Journal chose this remodeled bungalow in Historic Hyde Park as a “Home Run Home” because there is so much to love. For now, let’s talk about that gorgeous front porch! The sellers highlighted this feature with rockers and a porch swing. By adding three pieces of furniture, they’ve made it easy for potential homebuyers to picture catching up with loved ones on balmy evenings.

entryway-bayshore-blvd-home-for-sale6220 Bayshore Boulevard, Tampa

When buyers step inside your home for sale, you want to capture their attention and give them an idea of what to expect from the rest of the house. In this entryway, Todd White’s Someone’s Pretty Baby juxtaposed with an 18th century lowboy immediately speaks of the playful elegance found throughout the rest of this home.

Both homes for sale are clean and freshly painted. Yours should share these traits. A house that is cared for is a home worth caring about.


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