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Top 20 Home Staging Mistakes

March 4th, 2014

As Spring Cleaning season begins here is a great blog on the keys to staging your home!


Home staging is quickly becoming a necessity and an integral part of selling real estate. Gone are the days when staging was simply an option; in today’s tough real estate market proper staging is the only way to set your house apart from the competitors down the street or in the same neighbourhood. Overall, staging follows some simple and proven techniques to maximize the appeal of your home to the greatest number of buyers. However, despite the theoretical simplicity of the staging concept, there are quite a few common mistakes that undermine the success of staging and a potentially successful sale of your home.

Here are top 20 common mistakes that sellers make when preparing their house for sale. You should keep these in mind if you’re thinking of or getting ready to sell your house:

  1. Don’t neglect the clutter. What might seem like clean and organized to you, might not translate the same to others. Make sure to tour the house top to bottom by enlisting a friend or the help of a professional stager that will give you an honest opinion about what needs to go and what can stay.
  2. Don’t do any major renovations.This is not the time to splurge on expensive renovations and replacing all appliances. Smart investment dollars can go a long way in creating the desired, updated look. Sometimes simple things like adding an attractive backsplash in the kitchen, replacing the faucets, light fixtures, hardware and door handles, and painting the walls a warm but neutral colour can go a long way. To finish of the look, it is important to bring in attractive accessories that will compliment the rest of the space and add warmth.
  3. Don’t block light & views. Natural light is extremely important and blocking it off with heavy curtains or bulky pieces of furniture is false economy. Especially if you’ve got attractive views, instead of hiding them – make them the focal point, and see the positive result it has on the buyers.
    natural light & views
  4. Don’t paint with dark, intense and custom colours. Now is not the time to bring in your personal taste to the table. Choose a nice, neutral and warm colour, such as any of the following families: beige tones, grey tones, or light blue or pale greens. You’ll be surprised at the transformative effect a few coats of fresh paint will have on your space!
  5. Don’t take it personally. When you make the decision to sell your house, you have to realize that now is the time to emotionally detach from your home and think of it as a product. The same way that products in a store are marketed, your house will have to be treated with the same marketing strategies in order to secure a successful sale. It can be a very emotional and difficult time letting go of your beloved home, but you have got to keep the bigger picture in mind, and think that you will create more amazing memories in your new house.
  6. Don’t stay at the house during showings. It can be quite awkward and uncomfortable for buyers to have you around, as they will not feel comfortable to voice their honest opinion in your presence. Make sure to leave the house for all the showings and trust that the realtor will do a proper job at showing your house.
  7. Don’t leave your pets around during showings. This goes along the same lines of not taking it personally. It is important to keep in mind that not everyone loves animals, and some people might either be allergic or afraid of them and therefore, some will even refuse to walk into the house, knowing there is a certain creature in there. So take them away on a mini adventure during showings, and make sure that all the pet odors have been eliminated as well.
  8. Don’t think the house will sell itself. Real Estate is like a game in any market, and especially in today’s market conditions, you have got to implement some preparation strategies if you want to sell quick and for maximum profit. So de-clutter, de-personalize, clean, make all the small repairs, paint if you have to and overall create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Make sure to take some attractive photos for online listings, as that is the first step most buyers take when starting their search. Read this post and learn How To Take Magazine-Style Photos for Online Listings.
  9. Don’t over-stage and over-accessorize. It is easy to get carried away when decorating, but the thing to remember is that there is a huge difference between decorating and staging to sell. A few, well thought out accessories in key places is all you need. No need to fill the tub with bubbling water and sprinkle bath salts in order to create a spa feeling. Instead, a few candles, fresh towels and minimal bath accessories will do the trick!
  10. Don’t buy all new furniture. If you current furniture pieces are not working because they’re outdated and unattractive, there is other ways of going about it. You can always ask to borrow friends’ or relatives’ furniture for the time being, or rent furniture items while you’re selling. The problem sometimes can also be that there is just too much of big and bulky pieces, and a simple rearranging of key pieces and removing the rest will make all the difference.
  11. Don’t add personality. Now is not the time to bring in your unique style into the home. Staging is all about de-personalizing the space, and creating more of a luxury hotel or a Model Home look that will appeal to most everyone.

  12. Don’t neglect the outside spaces. With outdoor entertaining becoming more and more popular with each year, the importance of these areas should not be overlooked when selling the property. A neatly groomed front yard and a cozy and comfortable backyard can turn some lookers into buyers instantly. So mow the lawn, plant some blooming flowers, add some outdoor furniture and you’ve created an outdoor oasis that buyers will instantly imagine themselves enjoying for years to come.
  13. Don’t neglect the refrigerator and the pantry. Go through your entire fridge and pantry and get rid of any old and expired items. Thoroughly clean the entire fridge and pantry from the inside out, and then neatly organize only fresh produce and food items back in. Make sure that there aren’t any odors when you open the fridge. A good tip to remember is to leave an opened box of baking soda in the fridge. Baking soda absorbs odors and prevents them from interacting with each other.
  14. Don’t neglect the closets and the storage spaces. According to a recent study, 86% of buyers said storage was one of the most important items on their wish list. When you move, you are going to have to pack anyways, so why not get started a bit earlier and do something that will benefit the sale of your home at the same time? Purge through all the clothes and linen closest and other storage spaces, get rid of anything that hasn’t been used or worn in over a year or two, pack away seasonal items and only keep the essentials. It will make the closets and storage spaces appear a lot more spacious if they are not crammed with clothes and other things. Attract more potential buyers with an organized home by installing closet design organization systems in lieu of cabinets

  15. Don’t neglect the laundry room/area. Often the laundry room or area becomes a catch – all place for all the odds and ends that you couldn’t figure out where else to store. It is time to address this issue and de-clutter. Make sure that the only things that are left are laundry related and are neatly organized.
  16. Don’t neglect the garage. People are looking to buy space, so having your garage piled with boxes and other items will make it look smaller. Store all things off premises if possible. If you can’t find a friend or a relative to ask to help out, there are other storage solutions that are affordable these days. The investment will pay off in the long run.
  17. Don’t neglect the basement. Most of the time the basement is a place for all things unfit elsewhere. Excess furniture, clothes, books etc. Pack whatever you’ll be taking with your to your new home away in boxes and arrange the rest in attractive seating or lounging areas. Poorly maintained basements can leave a bad overall impression on an entire house.
  18. Don’t keep your photos and knick-knacks out. Buyers are there to potentially find their dream home, and it would be impossible to try and imagine their own lives, when they’re surrounded by constant reminders that this is someone else’s house. So eliminate anything that will cause buyers to be reminded that it’s not theirs, since you want them to feel at home and envision their own family enjoying the space.
  19. Don’t list your house if you’re not ready. It is truly false economy to rush and list your house if the house is not ready for showings. Instead invest the time and money to prepare your house to be viewed and judged from all angles, and then watch it be snatched up in the first few showings, because people will fall in love with it, when they see how well maintained the house is.

  20. Don’t hesitate to ask for help. It can be an overwhelming and daunting task to know exactly what to do and how. A professional stager will provide you with the knowledge and expertise to transform your home into a Show Home, which will be invaluable to the success of your home’s sale. Depending on the scope of the project the investment in staging can cost you anywhere from $300 to $5000 dollars, and it will certainly be recuperated after your house sells. And remember one last thing, your first price reduction will probably be more than the investment in preparing your house to show at its best!



Staging Should Not be a Last Resort

March 3rd, 2014

By Lorelie Brown, Certified Professional Real Estate Stager (CPRES)

Owner, Showhomes of Charleston

As a professional home stager, I encounter calls daily from agents and homeowners who are considering staging their properties. I applaud their understanding that the property should be properly presented for the best possible viewings by buyers. Too often, however, the calls come only after the home has been on the market for 30 days or longer, and there haven’t been any offers or interest in the home. Sadly, these calls come much too late. The first buyer has already come and gone. A home should be in the best possible condition, including properly staged, before it is listed. This is not to say that I can’t work some miracles in the middle of a listing process (I have and will continue to do so). However, the first 30 days of a listing are critical and sellers need to include staging in their checklist with touch up painting, sprucing up the yard, and getting the home sparkling clean. Staging is no longer an optional part of home selling…it is a crucial element. In fact, HGTV rated not staging a home as the #1 real estate mistake.


As I stand on my soapbox, I’m sure that there are some who would think that their listing has already been de-cluttered and that their sellers have beautiful furniture. I’ve seen many very nice properties with great furnishings and no clutter that don’t sell. Staging has very little to do with de-cluttering and great furnishings. It’s a professional service that aligns a buyer’s perspective with a visual sense of space and generates an emotional connection with the home. Professional stagers are skilled in ensuring that these components bring about buyers’ experiences that generate offers and help agents and buyers get things SOLD.

So if you are considering listing a property, make a call to a professional, certified stager first. To get the maximum exposure for your property and minimize time on market, staging should not be a last resort! Your first buyer will visit in the first 30 days, and your home should properly presented, including well-staged, from Day 1, if you want the best chance of selling it for top dollar.

Showhomes is America’s Largest home staging provider.

Lorelie Brown, CPRES | Showhomes of Charleston| 843-619-3000 ext. 702

Why We Fall in Love—With Houses

February 12th, 2014

This week the Wall Street Journal wrote an article, in celebration of Valentines Day, about falling in love-with houses!  This is exactly what Showhomes has been doing for almost 3 decades!  We now offer a number of new interior design services to help you fall in love with your home all over again!  Reach out to your local Showhomes franchise at to learn more.Falling in Love with Houses


“Falling in love can be wonderful—and finding the perfect house can make a house-hunter weak in the knees.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, a survey by shows that falling head-over-heels for a house is fairly common—69% of respondents reported that they have had a home crush. House-hunters with a “home crush,” as defined in the survey, are drawn to the same house again and again. surveyed 1,082 individuals from Jan. 9 to Jan. 20 who reported having had a home crush.

Many people approach house hunting the same way they approach dating, by checking compatibility and fit, but the intangible factors are what tips a house from crush to true love, says Leslie Piper,’s consumer-housing specialist and an agent with Pacific Union in Lafayette, Calif.

“You have to make sure you know what’s really out there. You evaluate what is a turn-on and turn-off, and perhaps you’ll fall in love,” Ms. Piper says.

Also like dating, men and women approach a home crush very differently.

Some key findings from the survey:

Women are more likely to crush on home that is out of their price range: 41% of women said their home crush is out of their price range, compared with 30% of men.

Men tend to move from one home crush to another: 36% of men said they find a new home crush weekly, compared with 29% of women.

Outdoor living spaces are the most attractive home attributes to both men and women: 54% of women and 46% of men said outdoor living spaces like backyards, decks and patios make them fall in real-estate love. In addition, 42% of women preferred open-floor plans, and 40% of men indicated garages.

Nearly 80% of homebuyers first find their home crush on their computer. After that, about one-third then decide to go see the house in person.

About 16 years ago, Brenda Van Fossen of Lynchburg, Va., stumbled on a 2,600-square-foot, contemporary-style house with 10-foot ceilings and an open-floor plan. She called up the agent and was disappointed to hear that the house was already under contract.

But Ms. Van Fossen couldn’t get the house off of her mind. A year later, she found out that the house was back on the market and purchased it for roughly $170,000.

Ms. Van Fossen, who became a real-estate agent in 2006, says she has never felt this way about a house before: “That first night there, it sounds silly, but it was like I was in love.”

But love can have a downside—heartbreak.

“You have to be realistic. When you’re looking at homes outside of your price range, the last thing you want to be is disappointed. It would be like falling in love with someone on the other side of the country,” Ms. Piper says. To move on, she suggests keeping an open mind and perhaps considering several houses at the same time in case the first choice doesn’t work out.

Fortunately, unlike with relationships, picky homebuyers do not need to limit themselves to what’s on the market, she says. Rebuilding, redecorating or building from scratch are an option, too.”

Showhomes Wins CNBC Million-Dollar Home Competition

May 21st, 2013

Bellaire home wins in CNBC Competition “Best Bang For Your Buck”

CNBC Challenge 2013

Showhomes Home Staging had its home staging services recognized nationally by CNBC’s Million Dollar Home Contest.

Showhomes Home Staging, a national home staging franchise, staged the million dollar property that was selected by CNBC’s real estate expert, Dolly Lenz, as the “best bang for your buck” in the country, priced at $1 million on May 3, 2013.

The winning home on Cedar Street in Houston’s Bellaire neighborhood is listed by realtor Lisa Kornhauser who works for the firm of John Daugherty Post Oak Realtors, who asked Showhomes to help him stage the million-dollar property. The English manor is 4,413 square feet and features four bedrooms, 3 1/2 bathrooms, a fire pit, outdoor kitchen and exceptional kitchen appliances.

Showhomes Home Staging specializes in helping realtors and homeowners sell homes by staging properties in such a way that prospective buyers can already imagine themselves living in the home.

“The key is to add little details,” says Matt Kelton, chief operating officer of Showhomes Home Staging, “Today’s Wall Street Journal by the coffee maker, slippers by the bed and fresh flowers on the dining room table make all the difference.”

CNBC’s Million Dollar Home Contest revealed a single multi-million dollar home in six different markets across the U.S.: Charlotte, N.C.; Chicago; Houston; New Haven, Conn.; and San Diego, Calif. The show aims to explore value in different markets and real estate trends in different regions of the country.


Showhomes of Tampa Featured on “The List”

April 16th, 2013

TAMPA, Fl. - The Spring and Summer months are traditionally home selling season, and prospective sellers are hoping to cash in on signs that the market is improving.  But how do you separate your home for sale from all the others?

“It’s the art of decorating a home so that it sells at the highest price in the shortest amount of time,” said Ann Alderson of Staging South Tampa.You may want to consider staging your home.

Sometimes an empty home just doesn’t have the warmth or sense of place that you can get by adding furniture and touches to it. Linda Saavedra withShowhomes says staging can give a home a different feel.“Empty rooms actually appear smaller than staged rooms. As a buyer, I may struggle with whether my couch and chairs fit in this space,” said Saavedra.

It’s especially helpful with rooms that don’t quite fit the mold. You might turn an unusually small room into a home office, for example. It takes more than adding a desk to an office space. Stagers say adding particular objects can bring an emotional connection.  A book, some greenery, or a touch of color can help a buyer fall in love.

“People associate psychologically, cooking in the kitchen, and family, so its warm and inviting,” said Saavedra, as she entered the kitchen of a home that had been recently staged.  There are nicely placed kitchen tools, some greenery, even napkins and placemats in the dining area.

Sellers may put up some money to have the home staged, but it can pay off. Home seller David Riley is happy with his choice to stage the home he had for sale.  He listed the home at many thousands more than he had planned, once it was staged. Within 48 hours, he said he had an offer that was several thousand dollars higher than his list price.

“It took it from an incredible house, to a very cozy warm home,” said Riley. “It was a total transformation.”

Experts say when staging your home, look for balance. Be careful not to cram too much in, or to put too little in for the right feel.  Make sure home repairs are done, so that the home is in ‘move in’ condition. And don’t forget the importance of curb appeal. Add mulch, greenery, and even some color to make the home pleasing to the eye.  The right touches can help you move your home more quickly, and often for a better price.

Home Stager Listed as Best Job for 2013 and Beyond

March 8th, 2013

AOL Jobs in a recent article listed the “Best Jobs for 2013 and Beyond”.  While there were professions you would expect in industries such as “Health Care” and “Engineering” it also included “Home Staging”.  According to AOL :
Home Stager. The real estate market may be beginning to rebound and that means more homes on the market. In recent years, home stagers have become a de rigueur part of preparing a home for sale: Move out the moose head; move in the inoffensive but attractive decor.”

Career experts are predicting fast growth for the home staging industry so consider the leader to help you achieve your dreams.  For franchising information please go to or give us a call at 1-888-481-6742.

Showhomes Awarded the Franchise Business Review Top 50

March 8th, 2013

Franchise Business Review surveyed more than 26,000 franchisees representing over 350 franchise brands based on their level of satisfaction, experience, market area, business lifestyle, and other demographic characteristics. The list of the 2013 “FBR50” received the highest ratings by their franchise owners.

Nashville, TN, March 08, 2013- Showhomes, America’s largest home staging provider, announced today that it has been awarded into the 2013 Top Franchise Systems for the fifth year in a row.

Franchise Business Review surveyed more than 26,000 franchisees representing over 350 franchise brands based on their level of satisfaction, experience, market area, business lifestyle, and other demographic characteristics. The list of the 2013 “FBR50” received the highest ratings by their franchise owners.

“The satisfaction and success of our franchise owner is our core focus at Showhomes” announced Matt Kelton, Chief Operating Officer.  “We are honored to have received this industry respected award for five years in a row.  Communication with the Showhomes franchise community is essential and Franchise Business Review is able to help us measure our work with the franchise owners and areas where we need to improve each year.”

To compile the honorees for this year’s list, Franchise Business Review surveyed more franchise brands than ever before.  “These franchisors truly understand the importance of surveying their operators.  If franchisees aren’t happy, they won’t validate your system, and you won’t sell franchises-it’s really that simple” said Franchise Business Review president Michelle Rowan.

Franchise Business Review annually recognizes franchisors with the highest overall franchise satisfaction based on its survey of franchisees.  The survey includes 33 benchmark questions, relating to the franchisee’s experience and satisfaction as well as market area, business lifestyle, and other demographic characteristics.

About Showhomes

Since 1986, Showhomes has helped realtors and homeowners sell more than 26,000 homes worth more than $8 billion across the United States. Showhomes provides a turnkey package in home staging that includes whole-house furnishings, professional decorating, a live-in home manager and marketing support services.  For more information please go to or contact us at 1-888-481-6742

3 Real Solutions for the Vacant House Problem

March 4th, 2013

3 real solutions to help solve the Vacant House Won’t Sell problem owners and Realtors have

There are many houses on the market that are currently sitting vacant all across the country.  Many are foreclosures, short sales and bank owned properties, but thousands upon thousands that are owned by traditional sellers who are current on their mortgage and are trying to sell the property for one reason or another.

Many property owners are choosing to downsize in this tough resell market.  Some owners are choosing to upsize, and take advantage of the favorable interest rates and lower home prices to move up into a bigger home.  And there are the people who move and relocate for job, family, health, or retirement purposes.  For many reasons, there are countless numbers of property owners in today’s market who own 2 houses, with one sitting vacant and listed for sale.

Vacant homes attract problems.  From break ins, to vandalism, to an unkempt yard and bad landscaping, missing AC units, utility costs, broken pipes that go unfounded for a long time, and others, there are many reasons not to want a vacant house sitting for too long.

Not to mention there are certain cities across the country where vacancies are more prevalent:

But there are real options to consider for your sellers with vacant houses. Here are some viable solutions to the vacant house not selling headache faced by many:

Rent the house

You’ll need a standard lease agreement applicable in the State your property is in.  Or your seller can hire an experienced real estate agent or leasing agent to help lease up the house as well.  It’s important the owner has someone who is experienced in leasing (and licensed in most cases) complete the lease agreement and any other applicable documents.  Owners tend to want to save money and do things themselves, only to do them the wrong way and subsequently lose money and time.  Plus, if an owner doesn’t follow the landlord-tenant laws in their respective State, the owner could become the defendant in a lawsuit even when the tenant doesn’t do what he or she is supposed to.

Do a lease with option to buy

Similar to the lease agreement, a lease with option to buy includes the lease plus a separate purchase addendum.  The purchase addendum gives the tenants the option to buy the house they are living in for an agreed upon price and within a certain time frame, usually running concurrent with the lease agreement.  If the tenants don’t exercise their option to purchase the house prior to the end of the agreement, they can either move out, or renew the agreement with the owner.

Many people call a lease with option to buy a lease purchase, rent to own, and other misused terms.  I specifically use “lease with option to buy” because I want to make it clear the tenants are still tenants, not “property owners”.  If the tenant doesn’t pay, the owner would evict just as he or she would on a regular lease agreement.

Contact a staging company such as Showhomes

I’ve professionally used a company called Showhomes on many of my vacant listed properties in the Greater Kansas City area.   I know Showhomes (and there are probably some other similar companies) is in many major metropolitan areas across the country.  I’ve found the benefits of using a company such as Showhomes are many.

One, there is no upfront fee.  Two, the vacant house gets both staged and occupied for the duration of the contract period (usually until the house sells).  Three, someone else is paying for utilities and yard care.  This is HUGE if your vacant house is in a winter climate!  Fourth, there are no long term contracts with tenants; rather Showhomes uses home managers who are independent contractors with very short term agreements.  I know from experience a well staged and well cared for house sells quicker and for more money than a vacant one!  I have personally had good experiences using Showhomes.

To find out more information about Showhomes go to

(And no, I am not affiliated with Showhomes nor a paid spokesperson, just offering personal and professional experiences I’ve had)

Good luck with getting those vacant listings sold!

JJ Pawlowski, Broker / Agent

The Real Estate Investor’s Agentsm

Showhomes of Fox Valley Featured in Daily Herald

February 28th, 2013

Showhomes of Fox Valley highly awarded



Ambassador Award, President’s Club, Circle of Excellence, Most Homes Sold

Vacant homes are hard to sell! They lack buyer appeal, languish on the market and receive low offers. Showhomes, a national home staging franchise, and their franchise partners have provided successful selling solutions for real estate professionals and homeowners in all economic market cycles for the past 27 years.

At the recent Showhomes Annual Conference, held at the beautiful Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville TN, Showhomes Fox Valley was honored with the Ambassador Award. Owners, Mike & Janine Callahan of the Fox Valley area were presented with this award for unselfishly mentoring and helping others reach their goals.

“It is wonderful for our team to be recognized for our results. Our daily rule is; treat others as we would like to be treated. It works! Being recognized for doing this really affirms the value of that creed”, Mike said.

The Callahan’s have owned Showhomes Fox Valley since 2008.

Along with the Ambassador Award, the Fox Valley team also earned these top honors:

Most Homes Sold

Circle of Excellence, for excellence in Customer Satisfaction.

President’s Club, for highest level of market penetration.

Bert Lyles, Showhomes CEO said, “We are proud of our Showhomes family and especially the Fox Valley team. They operate a quality business based on integrity with outstanding home staging design and customer focus. These awards are well deserved.”

# # #

Since 1986, Showhomes has helped realtors and homeowners sell more than 26,000 homes worth more than $8 billion across the United States. Showhomes provides a turnkey package in home staging that includes whole-house furnishings, professional decorating, a live-in home manager and marketing support services.

If you would like more information about Showhomes Fox Valley, or to schedule an interview with Mike & Janine Callahan, please call Mike at 630/363-1301 or email

Why Stage When Homes Are Flying Off The Shelves?

February 28th, 2013

Why Stage When Homes Are Flying Off The Shelves?

In the current hot market, it’s easy to shake your head and think “Homes are selling like crazy! Why do I care about staging?”. Well, it’s simple. Because we all like money, we love happy sellers, and we want the referrals that gushing seller will send our way by helping them reach their goal of selling their home fast and at a premium price.

I spent many years in the auto industry before I came to real estate and design. Even when the market was hot, we never pulled the just-traded-in-used-car right up to the front line and tossed a for sale sign in the window. Why? Because we knew the best way to market it was to have it re-conditioned first– clean it up, dress it up, put some smell pretty in it and then pull it out on the front line for a premium price. It was no surprise our used car department trumped our new car department in sales, profits and happy customers.

ReDesign Sellers Home Seller ReDesign

Selling a home is no different. Price, condition and presentation are the 3 magic ingredients for a successful sale with the best buyers. Price it right, clean it up and get it staged to maximize the opportunity to get top dollar. Seller can’t afford it? Sellers can’t afford NOT to! Staging returns 176-353% ROI depending on the type of staging or re-design done. Buyers connect with beautifully presented homes, starting right from the first glimpse online (another reason to stage– you get FABULOUS interent photos)!

Fun fact: The average cost for a re-design (seller occupied makeover) is about $500. The average GAIN from that investment is just under $10,000.  The average cost for vacant home staging is $2,200. The average GAIN from that investment is about $30,000. Sounds like winning the lottery, doesn’t it?

A recent seller decided it wasn’t worth the few hundred dollars to re-design and stage his home. It sold without staging. The realtor’s comment still rings in our ears. “I could have gotten him about $10,000 MORE if he would have had it staged”.

Marketing your homes without staging leaves money on the table for you and your seller. Whether the market is slow or hot, staging still brings more money to the closing table. But more than that, it’s a great tool in your marketing toolbox to build your business. After all, building your business comes from having happy sellers who will sing your praise and share their success story with friends, neighbors and family. That’s what staging brings to the table. And that’s money in the bank.

*Stats are from RESA (Real Estate Staging Association) and NAR (National Association of Realtors). Fun Facts are from Showhomes Tampa data, 2010-2012.

Linda Saavedra- Staging Diva, Tampa FL

Linda L. Saavedra, CPRES, APSD, SPCS

Licensed Real Estate Broker

Showhomes Tampa

Award Winning Staging Provider