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Showhomes Featured on Marketplace

Humans make a house for sale feel more like home   (Eric Mennel/Marketplace) Cora Blinsman pays $1,100 a month on a $430,000 home. But she can be forced to move out at a moment’s notice. A home for sale in Newport Coast, occupied by real live people. About a year ago, Cora Blinsman’s mom passed […]

Fast Company Features Showhomes

To Sell Houses, People Are Used As Props In McMansions They Don’t Own A poignant story from the Tampa Bay Times follows one family that lost everything in the recession and has found a peculiar way to hold on to the trappings of wealth. It sounds like the plot of some long-lost dramatic version of Arrested Development, but […]

Fear running short of cash in retirement? What to do

Rodney Brooks, USA TODAY One of our biggest fears is that we haven’t saved enough for retirement.  It’s time to stop worrying about it and start doing something. The fact is, there are a growing number of options. The answer may not necessarily be working in your current job through retirement. Many of us don’t […]

The Today Show Features Showhomes!

‘Model families’ live like human props to help sell luxury homes The Mueller family once owned seven homes and a bed and breakfast. Today, they work minimum-wage jobs — but they’re still living large.  The family from Tampa, Florida, is part of a growing real estate trend in which people move into empty luxury homes […]

The Washington Post Discovered Our Secret!

One company’s secret to home staging? The human element. When selling a home, the smallest details can make the biggest difference. Bake a batch of cookies before a showing. Make sure the place is spotless. And — oh right yes, sorry — don’t forget about the “human props.” A home staging company has been using actual (real-life!) […]

Ad Exec Switches Career Path to Pursue True Passion

Larry Taylor, 63, has lived in Texas all his life. He graduated from The University of Texas at Austin where he studied journalism. Upon graduation, Larry entered the ad industry where he started and sold his own ad company Taylor Spier to Young and Rubicam, the largest ad company at the time. He then moved […]

Setting the Stage: Showhomes Franchisee Marisa Salas

BY ASHLEY MARTENS June 19th, 2014   Born and raised in Miami, Marisa Salas has a knack for business and a keen eye for detail. After helping expand her family’s jewelry Marisa Salas business, she was entrusted to manage the second location and successfully did so for nine years.  After finding her husband and starting […]

Even Dave Ramsey Loves Home Staging!

4 Insider Tricks to Sell Your Home on a Tight Timeline Selling your home can be stressful under normal circumstances. But add a deadline to the mix, and your blood pressure spikes just thinking about it. Perhaps the clock’s ticking because your company transferred you to a new city or you’re following your dream to […]

Leaving Retail For A More Flexible Life

Marisa Salas was born and raised in Miami. Her family moved to the United States from Cuba in the 1960s and began a jewelry business. Marisa helped expand the business from one location to two and managed the second location for nine years. Marisa moved to New York where she met and married her husband. […]

A Career Gamble That Paid Off

Brenda Hendryx, 49, came to Tulsa, Oklahoma to attend college at Oral Roberts University where she received a BA in social work. Upon graduation, Brenda became a licensed nursing home administrator and has been in the industry for the past 17 years. She most recently served as the Executive Director at Southern Hills Retirement Community. […]